organisation chart web part for SharePoint

Create and Share beautiful org charts with SharePoint

Quick to install. Easy to configure. Simple to use.

Comparing SharePoint Org Chart and the Organization Browser

The SharePoint Org Chart adds extra functionality to your SharePoint installation helping to make it a "must visit destination" on your intranet.

The SharePoint Org Chart The Microsoft Organization Browser
SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 Server come with a feature called the "Organisation Browser" to display organisational information. By default the web part is located on every user’s ‘My Profile’ tab on their MySite and it can be added to other pages if required.

The "Organisation Browser" is very much designed to allow end users to navigate through the organisation rather than displaying a traditional organization chart of the type that can be found on company walls, presentations and literature.

The table below compares the features of the SharePoint Org Chart and the Organization Browser.

Features List Org Chart Web Part Organization Browser
Simple installation. Org Chart web part can be installed in a few minutes.
Allows end-users to easily navigate the organisation structure.
When syncronised with the User Profile Service draws the organisation chart from the active directory.
User presence integration.
Can create an organisation chart from a SharePoint list.
Can create an organisation chart from a relational database.
Search the organisation chart.
Apply conditional formatting to the organisation chart.
Allow the end-users to control the starting position of the chart.
Display assistants within the organisaiton chart.
Filter organisation chart data to suppress certain profiles.
Works with SharePoint Foundation