organisation chart web part for SharePoint

Create and Share beautiful org charts with SharePoint

Quick to install. Easy to configure. Simple to use.

Examples of Organisation Charts Created Using the SharePoint Org Chart Web Part

This page shows you some of the many varieties of organisation chart or organogram that can be created with the SharePoint Org Chart.

The SharePoint Org Chart is simple to configure using the Configuration Wizard. See the guide here.

Easily Create Beautiful Organisation Charts
This is the out-of-the-box organisation chart created by adding the Org Chart to a web part page. It is connected to the User Profile Service and no further configuration was required.
It automatically picks up the picture, name and job title from SharePoint and can be customised to show the information you want.

Choose from a range of styles and colours
The default colour scheme can be easily changed by selecting one of the built in styles.

And if none of these are suitable then it is easy to create a custom background.

Use Conditional Formatting to Bring the Organization to Life
Easy to use Conditional Formatting features allow you to highlight important aspects of your organisation. SharePoint Org Chart allows you to define rules that can vary the appearance of each box within your organisation.

Show Assistants in the Org Chart
Assistants can be shown with ease ( See guide here ) and people can have 1, 2 or more assistants!

Show Large Charts
The drawing algorithmns work to maximise the amount of information shown on the chart. Allowing large organisations to be displayed. The navigation features allow end users to search and traverse the organisation chart with ease.

Supporting Web Parts
The SharePoint Org Chart comes with a number of supporting web parts to allow searching, displaying of detailed information and controlling the start position.

Allowing you to quickly build a complete organisation chart solution for your organisation.

A Whole Range of Features
There are a whole range of other features such as Printing, User Prescence Integration and Manipulating the organisation data that will allow you to implement an attractive and useful org chart within your SharePoint system.
And can draw organisation charts from a SharePoint List, the User Profile Service, direct from Active Directory or a Database.

To find out more visit our User Guides section and get started by download the evaluation org chart web part today!