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How to integrate the SharePoint Org Chart with a Staff Directory

A common requirement of many SharePoint installations is to provide a staff directory allowing employees to quickly retrieve co-workers details such as telephone number or location.

In this tutorial we walk through the steps required to integrate the organisation chart with the TeamImprover Staff Directory.

An evaluation version of the TeamImprover Staff Directory Web Part can be downloaded here and for additional information on the Staff Directory web part please refer to the Staff Directory product page and the user guides.

Integrating the Staff Directory and Org Chart Web Parts

1. Introduction
Starting with a blank page the page author enters edit mode.

2. Add the Start Part to the page
From the Custom category an Org Chart web part is added to the page.

SharePoint Org Chart draws an organisation chart directly from the User Profile Service by default. So the company org chart is immediately displayed and starts from the page authors manager.

3. Choose Data Source
Next the page author adds the Staff Directory web part from the TeamImprover category.

This allows end users to search for and display information from the user profile service, a database or a SharePoint list.

For more information refer to the Staff Directory product page and the user guides.

4. Enter data
To connect the two web parts the page author uses the Connections menu on either the Staff Directory or the Org Chart.

From the staff directory the sequence is : Connections>Send Org Chart Starting Value To>Org Chart
from the org chart the sequence is : Connections>Get Starting Value From>Staff Directory

5. Connect the Start Web Part to the Org CHart Web Part
The configuration is now complete. Now when the page user searches the Staff Directory web part an org chart icon is placed next to each search result.

6. Apply the changes.
Clicking on the icon updates the organisation chart. Setting the starting position to the selected person.