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Using the Information Panel Web Part with the SharePoint Organisation Chart:

The OrgChartPanel Web Part is installed as part of the SharePoint Organisation chart package.

The panel is used to display additional information and images. Using the panel allows people to click on the name of a person in the organisation chart and retreive additional information.

Setting up the OrgChartPanel web part to work with the SharePoint Org Chart is a simple two stage process

  • Stage one add the OrgChartPanel web part to a page
  • Stage two is connecting the Org Chart to the OrgChartPanel web part

Creating a List

1. Previous knowledge
This walk through builds upon the earlier guide Creating An Org Chart From a SharePoint List

2. Edit the current page
Edit the current page by selecting the Edit Page option from the Site Actions menu located at the top left of the screen.

3. Add the OrgChartPanel web part
Add the OrgChartPanel web part to the page. This can be located under the Custom category of web parts.

4. Connect the Panel to your Org Chart
Use the Connections menu to connect the OrgChartPanel web part to the SharePoint organisation chart. If more than one Org Chart is being used on the page then select the appropriate one.

5. Control & Formatting
By default the panel will show all the fields in your list, bar the primary key. Tick Display Primary Key if you wish to show it.

To control which fields to show, list the field names into Fields to Display. They will be displayed in the order they are listed.

To have complete control over the content and formatting, use the HTML Template option. This allows HTML and fields names to be mixed.

Field names should have curly braces around them. For example, a simple panel may use: <img src='{Person_Photo}' /><br />Employee name: {Person_Name}

Note that if you are using the Person data type in your list, then 3 extra fields are automatically generated: [fieldname]_Name, [fieldname]_Title and [fieldname]_Photo.

6. Using the Link Field
Now go to the Org Chart web part and set the Link Field in Look & Feel. This is the field that will update the Info Panel when clicked. This is usually be the person's name.

Also ensure Action when Link field is clicked is set to UpdatePanel.

7. Completing setup
Now clicking on an item on the organisation chart will update the OrgChartPanel.