organisation chart web part for SharePoint

Create and Share beautiful org charts with SharePoint

Quick to install. Easy to configure. Simple to use.

Using Built in Templates And Active Directory:

If your company is using SharePoint 2010 there is a strong chance that all your employee information is already stored in Active Directory.

We can use this information to create Organisation Charts really easily.

However, if you wish to provide your own name, job title and photo information, this is also possible.

Creating a List

1. Create a New List
In SharePoint, create a new list by selecting Site Actions > More Options.

2. Create a custom list
Select the Custom List icon and give it the name OrgStructure.

Once it has been created, click Create Column in the ribbon.

3. Create a Column called Person
Set the column name to be Person.

NOTE: For the template to work this column must be called Person. If you create it with the wrong name, you cannot rename it later. A new column called Person must be created.

Set the column type to be Person or Group.

Click the OK button to finish.

NOTE: If you do not want to use the Person data type to pull data from Active directory, create an Primary Key column called PersonId and 3 Single line of text columns named Person_Name, Person_Title (for their job title), Person_Photo (containing a full path to an image within SharePoint or on a website)

4. Create a Column called Manager
Click Create Column in the ribbon again.

Set the column name to be Manager.

Set the column type to be Person or Group.

Click the OK button to finish

5. Add New Item
Now click the Add new item link

6. Add employees to the list
Start adding your employees into the list.

For the top most employee, leave Manager blank.

You can use the address book icon to help locate the employee.

The Title column was automatically added by SharePoint and is mandatory. You can fill the job title into this field but the job title displayed on the Org Chart will be from Active Directory.

TIP: If you want to have a shared manager, enter the employee in twice with a different manager each time.

7. Review List
You should now have a list that looks something like this:

Adding the Org Chart to SharePoint

8. Create a Web Part Page
Now create a web part page to put our organisation chart on. Create a new page by selecting Site Actions > More Options.

Then select the Web Part page icon and press the Create button.

8. Add the OrgChart Web Part to the page
Give it a name and press the Create button.

Select Add a Web Part and then choose Custom > OrgChart

8. Link the web part to the list
Link the Web Part to the list, by clicking the Click here to configure link.

Then in Data Source, set the following:
  • Primary Key: Person
  • Manager: Manager

For SharePoint List, enter the full path, e.g. http://localhost/Lists/OrgStructure/AllItems.aspx

If you don't know this, click Site Actions, then View All Site Content. Then select your list and copy all of the address from the browser.

Press the Apply button and an plain organisation chart will be shown.

In the web part side panel, expand Look & Feel and change Template Style to be PhotoLeft.

8. Apply the changes.
Now when you press the Apply button you will get a formatted chart that looks like the one below.