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Introduction To Printing

In this tutorial we show how to print the organisation chart. SharePoint Org Chart has two printing modes. These are browser based printing and Print to PDF

Printing to PDF

1. Enable the Print to PDF Feature
To start the page author must enable the Show Print Button and Print to PDF options that are located in the Printing configuration section.
The author is also able to define a title for the chart or to allow end-users to set a specific title on printing.

2. End User Printing to PDF
Once the end user has navigated to the position in the chart from which they wish to print they click the print icon ( circled ).

3. Setting Page Size, Orientation and Security.
The Print to PDF options will open. This allows the end user to set various options such as page size and orientation, whether they wish to split the chart across multiple pages and allows a password to be specificed that restircts the opening of the PDF.

Once the page user has selected the appropriate settings clicking the Convert to PDF button downloads the PDF file to the browser.
This PDF was generated from the chart above.

Browser Only Printing.

1. Show Print Chart
To begin a SharePoint Org Chart web part has been configured using a list. See Creating an Organisation Chart from a SharePoint List for details of how to do this.

To enable end users to print turn on the printing option

To do this set the Show Print Chart Button in the Look & Feel property section.

2. Apply Print Chart
Once the settings have been applied a print button is displayed in the top left hand corner of the organisation chart.

3. Click the print button
Clicking the print button opens up a new window containing the organisation chart.

The print dialog box is displayed allowing the user to choose the printer and print the chart.

4. A note about browsers
An important point to note is that by default web browsers will not print background colours or graphics. This results in the printed chart as shown.

5. Enabling background colours in Internet Explorer
It is possible to enable the background printing of graphics in Internet Explorer. To do this press the alt key then from the File menu access the Page Setup dialog.

Select the Print Background Colors as shown.

6. Apply and Finish
Now when printing background images are also included.