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Using the configuration wizard to create an organisation chart from a new list

The Configuration Wizard feature available in the SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 versions allows you to create an organisation chart from a new SharePoint List.

Add an organisation chart to a web part page
First add the SharePoint Org Chart web part to a web part page. It is located in the Custom category.
When the web part is added you will see the configuration wizard.
Adding the org chart

Select the option to create the chart from a new SharePoint List.
From the drop down labelled I want to create an org chart from: choose the option A new SharePoint list. Enter a name for the organisation chart.

As well as naming the chart a new SharePoint Contacts list will be create with the same name.
Adding the org chart

Configuring the data source - New SharePoint List.
As a SharePoint list was choosen as the data source the next stage will prompt to pick the list from a drop down of all available lists on the site.
At this stage the Primary Key Column and the Manager column are pre-filled. The Primary Key uniquely identifies each person in the organisation chart. The manager column tells SharePoint Org Chart who the appropriate manager is.
Adding the org chart

Selecting the information to show
The next step in the wizard is to pick the information that you wish to display in the boxes in the organisation chart. The Picture Column can also be selected. This is the column that contains a link to a picture that will be displayed.

For best results limit the number of fields selected to two or three.
Adding the org chart

Formatting the organisation chart
In this step an org chart containing sample data is displayed. The page author can modify the appearance of the chart and preview those changes by pressing the Preview button.
Adding the org chart

The completed chart
The configuration is now complete and once the page author presses Done the organisation chart will be displayed.

The SharePoint Org Chart web part populates the list with test data and so a chart will be shown.
Adding the org chart

Further information on the Contacts list used as the chart data source.
The list that was created is a standard SharePoint list based on the default Contacts list with the addition of five extra columns. This are:
  • Person - a calculated column used to create an identifier for the person
  • Manager - a look up that holds the person to line manager relationship.
  • PersonFullName - a calculated column based on the persons full name.
  • IsAssistant - a Yes/No column that defines whether a person should be drawn as an assistant.
  • Picture - a field to hold a photo of the person.

Adding additional items to this list will be refelected in the organisation chart.
Adding the org chart
Adding the org chart