organisation chart web part for SharePoint

Create and Share beautiful org charts with SharePoint

Quick to install. Easy to configure. Simple to use.

SharePoint Overview

Use the SharePointOrgChart web part for creating, navigating, searching and printing organisations charts. All major versions of SharePoint are supported including:

  • SharePoint 2013 Server & Foundation
  • SharePoint 2010 Server & Foundation
  • MOSS 2007

Download the evaluation web part or visit Team OrgChart to add organization charts to Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

SharePoint Org Chart Features

Search and Navigate Your Organization to Quickly Find the Person You Need

Quickly locate the person or team within your organisation by searching and navigating the org chart. Then export it to Excel or print to PDF.


Show Secretaries, PA's and Team Assistants

SharePoint Org Chart can display assistants correctly. Assistants are automatically drawn from Active Directory or the UPS and are easily configured in database or list based charts.


Use Conditional Formatting to Highlight Important Positions and Information

Formatting rules based on data can be used to change, the colour, size and contents of each box.


Setup Wizard Simplifies Configuration

The configuration wizard makes set up quick and easy. Extensive properties allow full control over the final appearance and behaviour.


Display Vacant or Temporary Positions

The SharePoint Org Chart can be configured to display vacant positions on your organisation chart. Different formatting can be applied to make them stand out.


Print the Organization Charts to PDF

Generate a PDF of the organisation chart. Split large charts across multiple pages and control page size and orientation.


Supports Multiple Data Sources

SharePoint Org Chart can draw organization charts from lists, directly from Active Directory and the User Profile Service, from a CSV File, from a SQL Database and even from the SharePoint Site Hierarchy.

Accurate and up to Date

Synchronises with your data in Active Directory or the User Profile service to keep your chart up to date.

Still not sure if the TeamImprover SharePoint Org Chart is what you're looking for? Download the fully featured evaluation web part and check out the User Guides for more information.